Web Design and Development Process

Website Design

Do you need a website for your business or for personal use? Dreametry made it simple for you to have an online presence, just for few and simple process.

1. Collecting Requirements

  • The initial process in the design and development of website is we will gather the necessary information from our client.
  • Here we will need to know from our client, what is the purpose of their website, who is their target audience, and what they think is there advantage over their competitor.

2. Planning the Website Structure

Here we will decide what technologies we are going to use, also we were going to prepare a wireframe of website layout along with the sitemap.

3. Designing a layout

After finishing the wireframe and get the clients approval, we will now proceed to creation of additional visual elements and website mockups, we will ask the client to provide the necessary pictures and branding elements that will be included in the design.

4. Copywriting

As we all know, content is the king. This stage of the development process will focus on the creation of the content, we will ask for the client’s input or if they want us to write the content for them.

5. Coding Phase

After the content have been finalized, and along with the images and other graphics to be used, our web development team will start to convert the mockup or design into code. Our team will also work on the functionality of the website and make it SEO-Friendly. We also offer the option for our client to use technologies such as CMS and Frameworks.

6. Pre-Deployment

After we deploy the website on a live server, the website will undergo first on testing, so we can determine if a revision is necessary, we will also test thoroughly all the functionalities to make sure that it’s all working properly.

7. Maintenance

After a successful deployment of the website, our developers will still keep an eye on the project, to make sure that if a problem will arise, it will be dealt right away.

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