Project Management Process

Project Management

If you have a project that is too much for you to handle, allow us to divide it on our shoulders. Let our project managers deal with all the dangers. Please refer to our process for detailed information.

1. Initial Stage

  • At this stage of the process, we will determine how important is the project that the client wants us to manage.
  • We will also determine how long the management task will be and how much it will cost, and what are the goals of the project.
  • We also want to collect all the necessary information and resources from our client at this stage.
  • Also we will inform the client of what possible benefits they will get from allowing their project to be neatly structured and organized.

2. Planning Stages

Once the client has approved the project. Our team of project managers will make and designate the tasks with the schedules. We will also set up how the flow of communication and reports is going to be, and what are the risks that might occur during process.

3. Management Stage

Once we have already lockon the target, and we have already assigned the task. To our project managers, we will now execute what has been planned and make sure that we have a clear mode of communication with our client, with regards to the updates.

4. Tracking Stage

At this stage we will pay close attention to the processes and updates, we will closely monitor what’s going on, to see if the project is heading to the right direction.

5. Done

This is when we have met the objectives and all necessary deliverables has already been sent to the clients.

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