Project Description

If You Can Read T-shirt and Print Illustration


Don’t you just hate it when your friends and family call you out to attend events to be socially acceptable instead of staying at home and binge read? Locking yourself in your room being whisk away to a dungeon, a castle, a lagoon, a pirate ship, or another planet or dimension with just one flick of a page is not what society deemed as a tolerable act of a functioning citizen and it just tires you out conforming to their ideals. Being dragged out to see the sun and enjoy the perils of reality and human interaction is not your thing because you enjoy the solace and comfort you find in a good book. When your standards is set by a certain fictional character and dating doesn’t interest you anymore but the next chapter of your book does. This is a definitely must have T-Shirt design that brings out the inner rebel-bookworm in you. Be the passive-aggressive introvert that you’re born to be!