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Graphic Design

You can achieve the best results just by having a well-established graphic design process. Rather than diving right into the design, you can save time and energy by understanding exactly what your client wants, by having a concrete plan, and by following the process. It starts with brainstorming and sketches, then followed by the approval and revisions of the client. Following this process will make you and your clients happier with the final output.

First things first!!!

1. Information Gathering

Before we rock and roll, we’d like to ask our clients first of what are their goals and what are they trying to accomplish. Then we will ask them these project-specific questions:

  • For whom is this design intended?
  • What is the message that they are trying to convey?
  • What would be the size? Yes! The width and height.
  • Is there a reference or sample design that the client would like us to take inspiration from or are there branding rules to be followed?
  • Is the design going to be used solely for print, digital, or maybe both?
  • How much would be the allocated budget?
  • When will be the crucial deadline?
  • And would there be anything else the client would like to add?

2.  Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

After we have collected the facts and figures, we will sort the information and create an outline for our clients to review and approve. We will also provide proposals for our clients to choose from, just in case the client would like to see it from our own perspective.

3. Getting Our Hands Dirty

Before we grab our design tools and graphic tablets, we will sit down and discuss first so that we can come up with the best possible outcome. This process also includes drawing and sketching of ideas. Then finally we will be creating wireframes and sketches of the actual designs, and ask the client to choose in which direction should we proceed.

4. Multiple Choices

After the client gave us the approval on the design, and we would create samples to give the client variety. These initial outputs are based from the information gathered and additional revision request/s from the client.

5. Advise! Revise! Surprise!

On this stage of the project, we would ask for the client’s advice or feedback. We will be asking them if there’s something that they would like us to revise or add? Otherwise that’s it, it’s the final design. Were you surprised?

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