Game/App Development Process

Game App Design

Do you need a design for an app or games? We can provide this to you. Just check out or Game/App Development process, and see how it will be done, from start to finish.

1. Q & A portion

To start off, we need to know you and your business. On this stage of the process we will collect the necessary information that we need to effectively formulate a strategy for your business.

2. Have fun and Plan

After we have collected the necessary information and we now have a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish, we will now begin the planning stage. At this stage we will sort the tasks that should take a higher priority, we will determine how long it’s going to take us to get the job done as well.

3. Design/Development Phase

Once the planning is done, and we’ve already created a goof-proof plan. We will now take it under the sun. On this phase of the process we will develop a framework where the project will be based on. Also, our talented designers will prepare the necessary wireframes and mockups, to help the client have a better understanding of the solution we have come up with to achieve their goals.

4. Beta Testing

What’s the next thing? It’s Beta-Testing! After goals are met during the Development Phase, it’s about time to put it to test, and see if revisions are necessary, or If we have overlooked some important matters.

5 . Launch it!

After the testing and implementation of any revision.  We will hand over the finished project for Launching to the client along with the proper documentation or user manual, and our team will wait if there are still issues that might arise after the post-launch.

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