Data Entry/Admin Assistance Process

Data Entry

Save more of your time by letting us handle your other tasks. If you need a data encoder and virtual assistant, we have them both. We have prepared a detailed process on where to begin and what will be the flow of the task.

1. Data Gathering

At this stage of the process, we will first gather the information necessary for the task. Like for example, the kind of data to be entered, the duration of the task, and the tools that we need to learn, the budget that the client is willing to spend.

2. The Hi and Hello

After Information have been gathered, we will give our assigned Virtual Assistant and our Client a chance to talk or discuss the task or if there are further clarification.

3. The Twerk and Work

When our assigned Virtual Assistant already have a complete understanding of the task, we will let him begin with the task until completion as long as he/she will have a consistent communication with the client.

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