Customer Support Process

Customer Support

Do you need someone who can deal with customer of all sort? Why not try our customer support. They are passionate and accurate in fulfilling the task. Please check out our detailed process and see how easy it can be.

1. Getting To Know You

  • The first step we take is we ask our client about their product/services or the nature of their business that our customer support will be handling.
  • Then after we ask for how long the task will be and how many customer support is necessary or preferred by the client.

2. The How to

After we have gathered those vital informations, our customer support representative will directly communicate with the client for the procedures/instruction or if a training is necessary.

3. Let’s Do this

When the client has already given our customer support team a clear instruction of what to do and how to do it, then we will give our team a go signal to do it, however we would like to make sure that everything will go smoothly as possible, so a consistent communication with the client should be kept.

4. Performance Check

We would like to make sure that our client is happy with the performance and service of our customer support, so we will do some evaluation from time to time, also we do ask our client’s for input.

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