Content Creation Process

Content Creation

Are you planning to put up a website or blog but hesitant because you couldn’t write content? Worry not! We are here to help, just check out our simple process to get started.

1. Search Data

The first thing that we need to know is what the content will cover: Is it for a product, press release or a blog post, or other forms of copy. Then we will ask for the specifics, what idea that the client would like to express or what action the client wants the target audience to take .

2. Keywords To Be Used

Before we dive into content creation, we will ask the client first if there are keywords that need to be incorporated on the copy for SEO or ranking purposes.

3. Content Creation

If all the necessary information has already been gathered, we will now begin the content creation, We will write the content based on the voice and information the client provides us.

4. Optimisation Of Content

On this stage of the process, we will make the copy more actionable or attractive to our client’s target audience.

5. Review And Finalisation

After we optimise the copy, we will hand it over to the client for review, we will do revisions until we have met the client’s expectation.

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