Concept Creation Process

Concept Design

Do you need concept for an upcoming project or event? We are very much willing to help you come up wit a great concept that will surely meet the expectation of our client. See our step by step process on how we are going to come up with great concept.

1. Idea Hunting

We search for new and unique ideas. In this phase we ensure if the concept has already been done before and find ways to apply artistic twists on it. Novelty without compromising the artistry is our aim.

2. Strategy Formulation

We create our plan of actions carefully to evade errors. We gather information from specific sources and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the schemes we want to arrange.

3. Component Organization

We prepare all the necessary mechanisms accordingly. Before we start, everything should be established. The needed gears and generated blueprint should be at hand.

4. Actual Creation

Once we are solidly on our path, we start to make things happen within a specific time-frame. The process is partially dependent on client needs, medium used, and artist’s temperament and style.

5. Evaluation and Conclusion

Once the output is complete, we gauge the finished product with the aid of an established benchmark. We guarantee that the final output satisfies both the artists and the client.

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