Animation/Video Creation Process


Video creation and animation surely is a great way to catch your target audience’s attention. If you need it for your business or project, our team is someone you can rely on. All you need is to fill up our questionnaire because it’s the first step in our process. We would like to know your needs.

1. What and Who

  • Before we begin anything, we would like to know who our client is and what the video will be all about or for.
  • Here we will hand over a design brief questionnaire that the client will be filling out. This design brief will help us understand the needs of our client and to effectively create a concept.

2. Planning and Writing Scripts

After all the necessary ingredients have been collected, we will now combine those through brainstorming  to come up with a concept, once the concept have been finalized by our team, we are going to send it to our client for review. When we receive the go signal from the client.  We will be proceeding on writing the scripts. With the target market in mind we will create an awesome script for the video.

3. Creating Storyboards.

If the concept and scripts are now approved by the client, we will now begin creating storyboards, here the client will see a visual representation of the concept. The team will create a frame-by-frame sketches and ask for the client’s feedback or input.

4. Voice and Sound effects

Voice, sound effects or music is just as important as the video animation. This stage we will ask the client if they will require a specific sound effects or voice over. We will also ask if they are the one who will provide it, or our team.

5. Mixed it up

This stage we are going to combine all the elements, to see if the output is what our client desired, and we will also implement further adjustment before we hand over the.

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