Our 3D Design Process

3D Design

Do you need a design that is in 3D? Our team can get it ready. All you need to do is provide us the details about your desired output. We have a process to follow that summarized the stages of development. Just sit back and relax as you wait for the finished product.

1. Understand the Client’s Brief

At this stage of the process. We will get to know who is our client and what the design is for. We will gather all the necessary information that could be helpful in the creation of the 3D Concept.

2. Search and Research

After we have gathered all the necessary information that we need to know from our client, we will begin to search for the key points that needs to be highlighted during the brainstorming stage. We will also do further research if necessary.

3. Brainstorming Stage

When all the vital elements or information have already been gathered, our Concept Artists will now do the brainstorming and figure out what will be the best solution for the problem.

4. Give me some Sketch!

Before we refine the concept produced by our artists, we will create sketches first and hand it over to the client for approval. However, we will also give our honest opinion to our clients on what we think is the best for a certain concept.

5. Ready to 3D

When the client finally decided which design they would like us to render, our 3D Artists will then proceed to modeling the 3D Object. After the design have been made, we will have it checked by the client for approval.

6. Submit

When the client is already happy and all the adjustments that have been made. We will then send the final model files.

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