The resident video animator of Dreametry just turned 25 and she did not let her silver year slip away without swishing and flicking. Kathleen, the talented celebrator is an avid fan of the series. A Harry Potter theme for her birthday is something she’s been wanting to pull off. Everybody in the team was equally excited and happy about it because almost everyone literally grew up with it. The birthday celebrant dressed up as Harry Potter and she was irrefutably ecstatic about it.

The round glasses were on point and the wand she carried was just ready to enchant. The whole team came to the headquarters all dressed up counterfeiting their favorite characters. It was definitely a personal experience for the whole crew because though not everyone had read the books, partial members are big fans of the movies. It was indeed a figuratively magical day to nail some tasks and meet deadlines. Everyone had their own wands and cheerfully casted the spells they can remember from the series. This bunch of creatives has this strong affinity with imaginations and fantasies so the Harry Potter concept is undeniably perfect for the Dreametry Team.